Tomato Ketchup, homemade tomato ketchup, tomato ketchup recipe

Tomato Ketchup, homemade tomato ketchup, tomato ketchup recipe

Tomato Ketchup, homemade tomato ketchup, tomato ketchup recipe with stepwise pictorial method is given here.

tomato ketchup

This Tomato Ketchup is prepared with  No preservatives, highly economical and more tasteful than the store brought.

Tomato Ketchup is something which is used in every home and it is highly Kids friendly. Snacks may vary but they are always cherished with tomato ketchup.

It took me almost 10 to 12 days in initiating the process of tomato ketchup.

O please dear, don’t close the shutter of your screen. You are so precious to me.
Just give me a minute.
Please let me clarify myself.
There’s nothing complicated about the preparation.

Actually what happened….

When i planned to prepare tomato ketchup at home, the price of tomatoes in the market was hitting the sky like anything.
I never dared to make this simple and economical recipe too costly, so kept on waiting for the price of tomatoes to come down. 😉

Finally when the pride (cost) of tomatoes was shattered (lower down), i grabbed them and made their ketchup. 🙂

I made it absolutely preservatives free. More healthy, more Tasty and easy to make….


INGREDIENTS* for tomato ketchup

Tomatoes – 1 kg + 250 G
Ginger – 1 small piece
Garlic – 7 – 8 pieces
Dry red chilies – 2 Nos.
Raisins – ¼ cup**
Sugar  – 4 tbsp***
Vinegar – ¼ cup
Salt – ½ tbsp


1 hour 30 minutes.


1. Keep the ingredients ready, which includes properly washed and roughly chopped tomatoes, peeled, rinsed and chopped garlic, ginger, dry red chilies, rinsed raisins, vinegar, salt and sugar.

2. In a pressure cooker, add all the above mentioned ingredients together and put on a low flame for about 20 minutes.****

3. When the tomatoes turn soft, remove them from the fire.

4. When the mixture turns cool, blend the mixture and make a fine puree.


5. Take a large pot, place strainer over it and strain the puree very well.

6. Use the spoon to strain the puree. Keep on pressing the puree, a fine pulp will also keep on releasing through the strainer. I kept on pressing till the point no pulp was left in the puree.

7. Place the pan of tomato pulp on a low to medium flame and let it simmer till the pulp starts thickening and attained the ketchup like consistency.

8. Tomato ketchup is ready.

Turn it into a sterilized jar and place in the refrigerator after the ketchup is cool down.


Tomato ketchup is usually served with snacks. Click here to see the variety of snacks items in this blog.



*I will suggest not to make it in large quantity as its life is around 2 months without preservatives. But sterilization must be done. It is very very important. With the given ingredients, i yielded almost ½ Kg Ketchup. You can adjust the quantity of ingredients as per your suitability and usage.

**If you don’t want to use raisins, then enhance the quantity of sugar.

***If not using raisins, then enhance the quantity of sugar from 4 to 6 tbsp.

****No need to add additional water for boiling because tomatoes themselves release the water.


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