Thandai Masala Powder And Thandai

Thandai Masala Powder And Thandai

Thandai Masala Powder And Thandai

Thandai Masala Powder And Thandai with step wise pictorial recipe.

Thandai Masala Powder And Thandi

Thandai Masala Powder And Thandai

Thandai, also named as Sardai, is an Indian drink which is having a divine taste as it carries the highly versatile & refreshing species.

This summer coolant is popular in northern India & is often associated with Mahashivratri & Holi.

Prepared with the mixture of almonds, fennel seeds, poppy seeds, melon seeds, rose petals, pepper, cardamom, saffron, milk and sugar, this drink does a lot more to our health than just lifting up our spirits during both the festivals.

Often served chilled, the health benefits of Thandai are limitless. It has all nutrients like iron, manganese, phosphorous, protein, carbohydrate, fats and vitamins in the right proportion required for a healthy body and mind.

It is known to rise up our energy levels. In addition to refilling the fluid loss in our body during summer, Thandai also aids digestion. It carries the vitamins essential for skin, hair, bones, teeth and heart. It carries the species that cleanses blood, prevents arthritis, cancer, flatulence, baldness, improves vision, reduces depression, headache, tension & treat blood pressure.

 It also boosts fertility in both male and females. Rose petals present in the drink are an excellent detoxifying ingredient. It can heal irregular periods, diarrhea, cleanse the kidneys and clear the digestive tract. A great remedy for throat infection and running nose. Relief from insomnia and nervous weakness is provided by petals.

A common problem with the kids on summer is blood running out of the nose. This Thandai is a perfect treatment for the same. Also you can have a look at another post in this blog titled ‘ GOND KATIRA : A Cooling Herb in Summers which is a good home treatment for blood running nose amongst children.

Coming back to Thandai, after finding so many health benefits, don’t you think that this Thandai a miraculous drink something much more than merely a sweet treat?

Traditionally Thandai is made by soaking the ingredients over night. Then they are grinded to a paste and  sugar, milk and water are added & sieved for better texture.

But in this fast paced life, we hardly have time for making the things in their original way. We are looking for the instant alternatives. And this is not wrong as long as we are not compromising with the quality and taste.

As a result, the concept of making the dry masala powder for Thandai took birth. Where on one hand, making this masala is too easy, making a Thandai out of it is equally comfortable. Everything is just Instant.

Thandai Masala Powder And Thandi



Almonds (Baadaam) – 1/2 cup

Black peppercorn (Kali Sabut Mirch) – 20 – 22

Cardamom (Hari Ilachi) – 10 – 12

Poppy Seeds (Khas-Khas) – 2 tbsp

Fennel seeds (Sounf) – 2 tbsp

Melon Seeds (Kharbuje k beej) – 2 tbsp

Saffron (Kesar) – few strands

Dry rose petals (Sukhi Gulab ki pankhudiyaan) – 15 – 20


Milk (chilled) as per need

Sugar as per need

Thandai Masala Powder – 2 tbsp per glass.

Crushed Ice (optional)


Rose petals / saffron / Crushed dry fruits (whatever you like) &/or

Ice Cubes


(Making of Thandai Masala Powder)

1. Add all the ingredients mentioned under the head ‘Thandai Masala Powder’ in the blender and grind to a smooth powder.

2. Transfer it in a clean and dry airtight container. It can be preserved for one month.

Thandai Masala Powder And Thandi

Making of Thandai (If making one glass)

1. Take a full glass or some of the milk from it and add 2 tsp of Thandai Masala powder along with sugar. Mix everything together & keep aside for 15 – 20 minutes so that the Thandai Masala can soak the milk and release it’s aroma and flavors into the milk.

2. Fill the glass to full (if you had used some of the milk), either mix it thoroughly or better churn it into a blender along with crushed ice.

3. You can either sieve it for fine texture or pour as it is if like little grainy texture.

4. Garnish in a way you like.

5. Serve chilled.



For Thandai Masala Powder

1. Traditionally Thandai is made with Almonds primarily. But some people love to add Cashews (Kaju) & Pistachios (Pista) also. Choice is yours.

2. This is also seen that some people grind sugar too along with other ingredients. We skipped sugar deliberately because everyone has his own taste buds. Some people like strong sweetness, some mild or some no sugar. Better to leave the option of adding sugar on the moment depending upon the need of person being served with Thandai. You can exercise your right of taking decision.

Thandai Masala Powder And Thandi

For Thandai.

1. If you are in a haste or some guests have appeared in your home all of sudden, then instead of observing above method of soaking and churning, just add Masala powder with sugar into milk, mix well and serve with or without garnishing. Isn’t that simple?

2. You can use any milk of your choice.

3. Half milk & half water can also be combined to make Thandai.

4. Can also add Khewra water or Rose water into Thandai, depending upon your liking.

5. Once you have combined Milk and Masala powder together, don’t keep the milk for a long & serve it earlier. Better not to prepare the Thandai much prior to serving. This is not a difficult task which can’t be completed on the moment.

6.  This is not an intoxicating drink unless associated with Bhaang.

Thandai Masala Powder And Thandi



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