Strawberry Milkshake | Strawberry Milkshake recipe

Strawberry Milkshake | Strawberry Milkshake recipe

Stepwise pictorial recipe of Strawberry Milkshake without using strawberry fruit.

Beat the heat of this summer with this refreshing and healthy milkshake made in a minute.

My son is very fond of Strawberry Milkshake but unfortunately strawberry was out of stock in my refrigerator when he asked for this shake. So with the little twists, I made this shake. Before making it, I was not sure how it will turn out to be & served it to him with the fingers crossed. But to my utter surprise, he was over joyous without knowing that it’s not made with the actual strawberry.

So let’s go for the recipe..


Milk (chilled) 2 cup
Strawberry essence ½ tsp
Red food colour ⅛ tsp
Sugar or honey 4 tbsp
Almonds (roughly chopped) 2 tbsp
Coconut (fresh grated) 3 tbsp


2 minutes


2 normal size Glasses


1. Add all the ingredients into a blender leaving behind ½ tbsp almonds & 1 tbsp Coconut.
2. Blend for just 30 to 45 seconds and pour into a serving glass.
3. Top with leftover almonds and coconut. Your strawberry Milkshake is ready.


Add 1-2 ice cubes if you desire so.


strawberry milkshake


You can use 3 to 4 fresh strawberries instead of Strawberry essence.




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