Shailender Sharma

In my upbringing, my mother used to say that one who knows food preparation, will never sleep starving, whatever be the situation.


This thought was embedded in my mind so I started cooking at a very tender age (about at 7 years of age). The other cause was that my both the parents were working, so instead of waiting for mom to come home and then cook for us, I favoured to know-how the kitchen on my own. It used to give me immense happiness, not just because I was cooking for myself, but also because I was helping out my mom in some way. nonetheless I had never deliberated of going beyond everyday root cookery.




But now, this is our gourmand son Soham, who has brought us (me & my wife) to such a stage where cooking has become our zeal. Inspite of being working parents, we have always a scantiness of time but due to our passion for cooking, we feel that the day without preparing something new is a day not lived by us. We both back each other in the kitchen and remain there as a co-chef of one another during every new single preparation. We chat about food collectively, conduct experiment together, cook together, flavour together…but…when it comes to relish the full platter, that’s the right of our Son only 😉 And why not, all applause goes to him for metamorphosing us from parents to chef-parents.