roadside kulche chole recipe | chana kulcha | jammu street food | no oil chickpeas

roadside kulche chole recipe

roadside kulche chole recipe | chana kulcha | jammu street food | no oil chickpeas

roadside kulche chole recipe | chana kulcha | jammu street foo |, no oil chickpeas recipe with step wise pictorial method is here in this blog.

roadside kulche chole recipe


If you have ever been to jammu city, you will find the cycles almost in every nook and corner of the city selling kulche chole. This roadside kulche chole recipe is so popular that if we call it the most consumed food/recipe of jammu, no one can prove us wrong. There is no specific point or location where you will find these sellers because they sell kulche chole on cycles only, so they have a movable shops. But you will surely find them mostly in front of colleges and schools.

We still remember that during our school days, we used to get Rs. 1 everyday for buying these kulche chole in our break time. Even the tiffin is there in the bag, but our first love was kulche chole only. Now the cost of one kulcha chole is Rs. 15/- but the taste is still that traditional. Even now, many a times when we don’t feel like cooking anything in the kitchen, for whatever reason, this kulche chole is the best food to buy conveniently.

The sellers of roadside kulche chole recipe have one big metallic pot on their cycles carrying boiled chole/chane/chickpeas. Also carrying many spices and other ingredients, this roadside kulche chole recipe is being prepared on the spot.

The best part of this roadside kulche chole recipe is that the stuffing is being prepared without using oil. Here, by without oil, we mean not even a single drop of oil. However the sellers do use butter to toss kulcha on hot tawa before stuffing them.

Although it is not very surprising that cooking is possible without oil, although to an extent and earlier also, we have done the cooking without oil. But in those cases, we had to do a little compromise with the taste so never made those recipes a part of our blog. But in case of given recipe, there’s no compromise with the taste at all. Rather the stuffing of this roadside kulche chole recipe is much tastier than the chane made with oil.

Not only roadside kulche chole recipe, but jammu and kashmir is known for many lip smacking recipes and one of them is kaladi. Received huge appreciations by former Prime of India and chef Sanjeev Kapoor, this kaladi is made in different ways like kaladi KulchaPyaz Wali Kaladi and Doodh Wali kaladi. Also the most magnificent food of Jammu is Rajma masala and Nadru Yakhni from Kashmir,the recipes of same will also be found in this blog. We hope, you will love to visit these authentic cuisines from the land of jammu and kashmir.

Now come back to roadside kulche chole recipe and lets begin the process.

roadside kulche chole recipe


INGREDIENTS for roadside kulche chole recipe

Chickpea/safed (white) chane – 1 cup
Onion (chopped) – 2
Tomato (Chopped) – 3
Tamarind pulp – 1/4 cup
Cumin seeds (Roasted & roughly grinded) – 1.5 tsp
Salt as per taste + 1/4 tsp
Red chilli powder – 1 tsp
Garam masala – 1 tsp
Green chilli (chopped) – 2
(Avoid if serving to children)
Juice of 3 medium lemons
Anaardana Chutney – 3 tbsp (optional)
Coriander leaves (chopped) – 2 tbsp
Water 4 cups for boiling

Kulche – 6


1. Soak the chana in sufficient quantity of water for 6-8 hrs or overnight.
2. After 6-8 hours or in the morning, drain water and wash the chane again.
3. Now put it in the pressure cooker with 4 cups of water and 1/4 tsp of salt on a high flame untill the pressure begins.
4. Reduce the flame once the pressure begins and cook chane for about 20 to 30 mins.
5. Once done, bring the chane out from the cooker. Keep in mind that you need only dry chane for this recipe.
6. Take a big bowl and mix all the above mentioned ingredients very well so that all the spices are coated properly.
7. Taste with a spoon, adjust the seasoning, if needed.
8. Cut the kulcha from the center to make it like a pocket and stuff it with chene masala prepared.


roadside kulche chole recipe

Isn’t it so easy?

Though it is served with kulcha only, but you can also cherish this amazing roadside kulche chole recipe with chapati and/or Bread.



roadside kulche chole recipe

(After boiling chane, don’t throw away the water left in the pressure cooker. With that water, you can make extraordinary dishes. To know the details, click here )





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