rasawal recipe | sugarcane juice kheer | ganne ke ras ki kheer

rasawal recipe

rasawal recipe | sugarcane juice kheer | ganne ke ras ki kheer

rasawal recipe | sugarcane juice kheer | ganne ke ras ki kheer with step wise video and pictorial recipe is here.

rasawal recipe

A sweet delicacy from the land of Punjab, India, rasawal recipe is a kheer/pudding which is being made by cooking rice in the fresh sugarcane juice. Sugarcane, named as Ganna in hindi, belongs to the grass family (Poaceae), is a most beneficial crop which is found in India in sufficient amount.

Rasawal recipe is usually made during the summer season because it provides cooling effects to our body. Also there are many more recipes in the blog which provides cooling effects to our body like gond Katira : A cooling herb in summers, gond Katira kheer, gond katira sharbat, gond katire wala doodh, Pudina water, pannagam : a coolant in the hot sweltering summers and rooh afza syrup. As far as rasawal recipe is concerned, not only giving cooling effects to our body but this recipe has multiple benefits due to the presence of sugarcane juice.

Benefits of sugarcane juice / Ganne Ka Ras

1. Best home remedy for the person having sore throat, flu or freezing.

2. Maintains the muscle power by providing natural glucose to body.

3. A perfect body booster which rehydrates body after removing weakness.

4. Rich source of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

5. Being a good source of calcium and phosphorus, sugarcane juice is helpful for growing and developing children as it strengthens their bones.

6. Sugarcane juice works as a medicine for fever and jaundice

7. It treats constipation, anemia, high acidity, cystitis, nephritis, prostate and breast cancer, promotes wound healing, strengthens eyes, stomach, heart, kidneys, mind and sex organs.

8. Sugarcane Juice is most beneficial for weight loss and weight gain accordingly. Those having bad cholesterol level in the body, it reduces the level and has natural sugar which helps in reducing the weight. On the other hand, It’s high soluble fibers content aids a lot in the weight management strategy.

9. Sugarcane juice prevents the body from various diseases because it works as an antiviral, anti-inflammatory,  anti-allergic, anti-tumor agent.

10. It moisturisers skin and make it healthy, shiny, soft, supple, fair as well as prevents from early ageing and wrinkles.

11. As per USDA Nutrient database, Nutritional Benefits of Sugarcane Juice per 1 oz (28.35 g) are :-

Protein: 0.20 g

Water: 0.19 g

Ash: 0.66 g

Fat: 0.09 g

Total Calories: 111. 43

Total Carbohydrates: 27.40 g

Sugar: 25.71 g


Riboflavin: 0.16 mg

Niacin: 0.20 mg

Pantothenic Acid: 0.09 mg


Iron: 0.57 mg

Magnesium: 2.49 mg

Calcium: 32.57 mg

Phosphorus: 0.01 mg

Potassium: 162.86 mg

Manganese: 0.09 mg

Copper: 0.09 mg

However sugarcane juice comes with certain health risks too. Raw sugar cane juice can be a health risk to the people who drink it due to the unhygienic conditions under which it is prepared. There are some ailments that can be transmitted by raw sugar-cane, such as Leptospirosis. chagas disease, found in Brazil, has been linked to sugarcane juice, as sugarcane can contain traces of its responsible pathogen, Trypanosoma cruzi, left by infected bugs if not properly cleaned.
(Source : Wikipedia)

rasawal recipe

The most convenient part of this recipe is that you don’t require any artificial sweetener and hunky punky ingredients to make it. Just 2 basic ingredients and you are done. Also this is gluten free and vegan.

This time making it for Navratri fast so using Samo rice also known as Vrat Wale Chawal. Otherwise you can use short Grain rice also. This recipe also comes to rescue the leftover rice.

(Also have a look at another recipe of sabudana Wada and Orange Kheer which can be taken during fasts)

So make rasawal recipe the way you want and enjoy….

rasawal recipe



Sugarcane juice / Ganne Ka Ras : 3 cups

Samo Rice (Vrat wale Chawal) – 1/2 Cup

(Use short grain rice if not making for consuming during fast/Vrat)

Green Cardamoms (crushed) – 2-3

Dry fruits of your choice (we used cashews, raisins and almonds. Also roughly chopped coconut)


6 medium bowls


1. Wash rice and soak for 10 minutes. Keep aside.

2. Take a heavy bottom pan and pour sugarcane juice in it. Put the pan on flame.

3. Also add raisins and cardamoms and let the juice boil.

4. When the sugarcane juice begins to boil, drain the water in which rice were soaked and add rice in the boiling sugarcane juice.

5. Let the rice cook in sugarcane juice on low flame. Keep stirring.

6. Now you need to take care of 2 things. One, rice are properly cooked and second, consistency of kheer.

7. Once the rice are cooked, add some of the chopped dry fruits in the kheer and preserve some for garnishing.

8. You have to boil the juice until desired consistency of kheer is reached. Switch off the flame finally.

9. Serve rasawal recipe hot or cold. But personally we loved the chilled cold one.

rasawal recipe


* Sugarcane juice is usually sold by road side vendors by adding lemon, mint and black salt. But if you are buying sugarcane juice for making rasawal recipe, then do tell the vendor to make juice without adding anything else.

* being a best culture medium for the various microorganisms, it is recommended to make rasawal recipe only with the fresh sugarcane juice or the one kept in the freezer.

* Although we made rasawal recipe within half an hour of purchasing sugarcane juice but while purchasing, the vendor told us that this sugarcane juice will remain fine for about 2 hours without refrigeration because it was without salt and lemon. So you can keep it that way. However we didn’t take the risk and immediately placed juice in the refrigerator after buying.

* Vendor also told us that the colour of the juice will start turning dense and texture little watery, but no issues. As long as it’s taste is sweet, you can use it. And yes, this happened. So you too don’t worry.

* If you are making it with regular rice, better soak those rice for about 20 minutes. However if you forget to soak rice, no issues. The only benefit of soaking rice before adding to sugarcane juice is that rice cooks fast. In case you forget to soak, rice will take little extra time to cook. Not a big deal.

* Some people add ghee too or at least roast dry fruits in ghee before adding to rasawal recipe. Choice is yours. Vegans must avoid it. We too.

* You will find some recipes using milk too. We didn’t add milk to make it purely sugarcane based rasawal recipe. Again choice is yours. Vegans don’t go for it.

* It can’t be suggested for how long to boil the sugarcane juice because boiling timings depend upon quantity of ingredients as well as your liking of consistency. If you want flowing consistency of your kheer, then boil less otherwise more. The basic requirement is that rice must not left uncooked. Also keep in mind that after turning cool, rasawal recipe will be more thick and on refrigeration, thicker. So apply your own judgment.

* When it comes to recipes for fast/Vrat, there has always been a difference of opinion between different sections of people. Like some people believe that cardamom is not to be taken during fasts and other says otherwise. If you too have confusion with regard to any of the ingredients other than sugarcane juice and samo rice, you can simply skip them because rasawal recipe can also be made with just 2 basic ingredients i.e. sugarcane juice and samo rice. Happy?

rasawal recipe

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