pudina masala powder | mint powder | pudina recipes

pudina masala powder | mint powder | pudina recipes

pudina masala powder | mint powder | pudina recipes with step wise pictorial method is here.

Pudina Masala Powder


Pudina or Mint is an herb that tantamounts to freshness and great aroma. where ever assemble this unique ingredient, it dominates the rest and emerges as a different contender. It comes with enormous benefits which are summed up here in below.


Benefits of Pudina / Mint


1. Relieves indigestion.

2. Beats stress and depression.

3. Helps fight cancer.

4. Fights aches and pains.

5. Helps relieve cough and cold.

6. Helps relieve menstrual cramps and pain.

7. Beats morning sickness in pregnant women.

8. Prevents allergies and asthma.

9. Gives you glowing and acne free skin.

10. Helps fight oral infections.

11. Boosts immunity.


Talking about Pudina Masala Powder, we say that this instant powder is very advantageous for making certain recipes instantly. Make it with some simple ingredients and keep it in a container. Use as suggested in the end.



Mint (fresh) – 4 bunches

(It gave 3 cups of dried mint leaves)

Black Salt – 3 tbsp

Black pepper (whole) – 1 tbsp

Cumin Seeds (dry roasted) – 2 tbsp


1. Remove the mint leaves from the stems. Rinse in water for a couple of times.

2. Let them turn pat dry.

3. take a blender, add all the ingredients and blend to a smooth powder.

4. Your Pudina masala powder is ready. Keep in airtight container.

Use this Pudina Masala Powder in making..



Or any recipe asking for any such ingredients.

Pudina Masala Powder


*as a substitute of whole black pepper, powdered black pepper too can be added.

**Instead of taking out the fresh leaves from stems one after another, let the leaves turn dry while intact with stems. Once the leaves will turn dry completely, rub the stems between your hands and collect the dried leaves. We find this method more easy.

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