Payal Bali Sharma

Being born in a Joint Family having lot many female members around, I scarcely had any idea that in which portion of my house, the Kitchen was located. What to say of cookery, even making a cup of tea was not my Cup of Tea. It’s only after my marriage, I inscribed my name into the kitchen and started preparations with the very basic food, undoubtedly with the support of my in-laws, especially my hubby.

But now, this is our epicurean son Soham, who has brought us (me & my husband) to such a stage where cooking has become our passion. Inspite of being working parents, we have always a paucity of time but due to our passion for cooking, we feel that the day without preparing something new is a day not lived by us. We both back each other in the kitchen and remain there as a co-chef of one another during every new single preparation. We discuss food together, cook together, experiment together, taste together…but…when it comes to cherish the full platter, that’s the right of our Son only 😉 And why not, all credit goes to him for transforming us from parents to chef-parents. 🙂