mango frooti | maaza | aamras | homemade mango fruity

mango frooti

mango frooti | maaza | aamras | homemade mango fruity

Mango Frooti | maaza | aamras recipe with step wise pictorial and video method is given here under.

mango frooti

This is exactly after 2 months we are posting a recipe in our blog. We posted our last recipe on 1st of April and now this is 1st June when we have come up again with another recipe. The huge gap between the two recipes is really disheartening but it was something beyond our control. We were badly busy with the renovation work of our house, Kitchen in particular so there was no place to cook and shoot



So finally we are back here and when decided to come up with another recipe in the blog, we didn’t want it to be anything very ordinary and common. And when something special we decided to do, we directly approached the king



Yes, you got it right. It’s king. King of all Fruits – Mango.

Summers are on the high pitch, temperature is crossing 40 degrees, and mangoes are raining everywhere…and…Oh My God… this blog has not even a single Mango recipe.


….and then…
…a heart throb of all the kids, a refreshing drink named Mango Frooti is finalized.


So less are the ingredients, so less is the labor, so less is the cost and so big is the benefit. Fresh, pure and free from preservatives, this Mango Frooti is not as tasty as store brought one, but much more tastier than that. Now it’s going to be part of our refrigerator right from the beginning of summers to end.

mango frooti

Video Recipe of Mango frooti


Text Recipe of mango frooti




Mango (ripen big size) – 2

Mango (Raw – half the size of big mangoes) – 2

Sugar – 1 cup

Water (for sugar syrup) – 1 Litre

Water (for boiling) – as per need




About 1.25 Litres of Mango Frooti




1. Wash the mangoes properly.

2. Take a pressure cooker and add mangoes into it. Now pour water of sufficient quantity and close the lid.

3. Put the cooker on high flame until 2 whistles.

4. Now switch off the flame and keep the pressure cooker aside for cooling down.

mango frooti

5. Now take a pan and add sugar and water in it.

6. Put the pan on a flame until the sugar melts. Discard the impurities, if any, you find floating on the surface of the syrup. Do remember, you just have to melt the sugar and not to boil the water to make a thick syrup/chashni.

7. Keep it aside also for cooling down.

8. Now open the lid of the pressure cooker and bring out the mangoes.

9. Take out the pulp from the mangoes and discard the skin and seeds of mangoes.

10. Transfer the pulp in a blender and blend to smooth puree.

11. Now take a big bowl, add mango puree and sugar syrup and mix it properly.

12. Your Mango Frooti is ready. Fill it in the bottle and place the bottle in the refrigerator.

13. It tastes best only when served chilled.

mango frooti

It can be stored in refrigerator for about a week.



* Preferably use Alphonso mangoes. It works the best.

* Ripen Mangos are too sweet, so will be your Frooti. Make sure it doesn’t have sour taste.

* Quantity of sugar may differ depending upon the sweetness of mangoes. If your mangoes are less sweet, add little extra sugar.

* Color of the mangoes will have an effect on the colour of the frooti. More dense the colour of mangoes, more deep the colour of Frooti.

*Initially the consistency of Mango Frooti will be little watery but after placing in the refrigerator, it will attain requisite thickness.

* Place the prepared Frooti in refrigerator for chilling. Don’t add ice to make it chill faster because it will spoil the taste of the Frooti as the quantity of water will increase.

* If you have plans to serve the Mango Frooti instantly and don’t have much time to keep it in refrigerator for chilling, then don’t make the sugar syrup in full 1 litre of water. Make the syrup in less amount of water and cover the rest quantity of water with chilled one at the final stage of preparation of Mango Frooti.

mango frooti

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