Lachha Parantha | parat paratha | partan paratha | layered paratha

Lachha Parantha | parat paratha | partan paratha | layered paratha

Lachha parantha | parat paratha | partan paratha | layered paratha recipe with step wise pictorial method is given here.


Lachha Parantha

Each stage is explained with the help of images because this recipe is less about text and more about pictures.
This Lachha parantha is also named as parat/partaan parantha. Though the word prantha transpires that it is something for the breakfast exclusively but this parantha can be taken in lunch as well as dinner with your favourite veggies. Very accommodating, i must say. Fits in every situation.

Having multiple layers coated with ghee/oil and crispy outside, i won’t be wrong in saying that this Parantha is the king in the species of all Paranthas…. 🙂

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INGREDIENTS for lachha parantha

whole wheat Flour* 1 cup
Water at room temperature
Oil/Ghee 1 tbsp + as per use
Salt a pinch**
Carom seeds 1/4 tsb (optional)
Red chilli powder a pinch (optional)


Preparation of Dough

Sieve the dough and add 1 tbsp ghee/oil in it. Knead the dough with water at room temperature. Dough should neither be too hard, nor too soft. Cover it with a soft cloth you use in the kitchen, preferably cheese cloth. Give a rest for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Preparation of Lachha Parantha (picture wise)

Pic. 1. Make a normal size ball out of the dough and roll it with the rolling pin.
Pic. 2. Mark the horizontal cuts with the help of knife or pizza cutter and make strips out of it.***
Pic. 3. Brush oil/ghee over it.
Pic. 4. Sprinkle salt, carom seeds and red chilly powder over it.

Pic. 5. Start rolling the strips.
Pic. 6. Strips are completely rolled out.
Pic. 7. Turn the sides up.
Pic. 8. Press all the rolled strips.

Pic. 9. Take the wider one.
Pic. 10. Brush oil/ghee over it.
Pic. 11. Then place the second rolled strip which is little smaller in size than the first one. Again apply oil/ghee over it.
Pic. 12. All rolled strips are placed one on one with oil/ghee brushed between each one of them. Arrange the rolled strips depending upon the size. Broader at first place and smaller at last. I made 7 strips so i have seven storeyed rolled strips.
Pic. 13. Press them and apply oil/ghee on the last one.
Pic. 14. Roll with the rolling pin. Put on hot tawa and prepare in the manner regular rotis are prepared.

It’s ready out here.


*You can use all purpose flour also in place of whole wheat flour or both all purpose flour and whole wheat flour in the ratio of 50:50.
To keep it healthy, i am using only whole wheat flour.

**Increase or decrease the quantity of salt depending upon your requirements. If you are serving it with some vegetables, then pinch of salt is enough. But if serving as it is with a cup of tea or milk to your kids, then little enhance the quantity of salt. My son loves it with milk. Just put a spoon full of butter over it and serve with a cup of tea or milk.

***Don’t cut the strips in one size. Each strip should be little wider than the other. So start making/cutting smaller strip then little broad then little more broad and so on.




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