How To Preserve Peas For Long | method of preserving peas

How To Preserve Peas For Long | method of preserving peas

how to preserve Peas for long period | method of preserving peas for future use is given here with step wise pictorial method.

Vegetables too have a season. With the arrival of summer in India, peas and many other vegetables are saying good bye to the markets and customers.  Although there are few shops and super markets which keep the vegetables throughout the season, even if the season is not for a particular vegetable, but honestly speaking, we never prefer to buy such kind of vegetable and fruits. The first reason is that they sell such vegetables and fruits at a very high rate and also we don’t prefer eating vegetables and fruits, off the season. We don’t find such food healthy, which is out of season.

If talking about peas, we all love to have it in our food but what to do when it is off season for peas. With this easy method, you can preserve the peas in your refrigerator and use it throughout the year whenever you want to make your favorite recipe.

Then do try this easy method…


Green peas – peeled
Water as needed


Zip lock bag/polythene bag

Rubber bands, if using polythene bag


1. Peal and then wash the peas properly.
2. Take a pan. Boil sufficient water depending upon the quantity of your peas and put the peas in boiling water. Water should be sufficient enough to sink all the peas in the water.
3. Let them boil for 2 – 3 minutes in a covered pan over low to medium flame.
4. Sieve the peas and place them in the cold water or bring the peas under running cold water. Let them cool properly.
5. Again sieve the excess water.
6. Take a zip lock bag* and fill it with the blanched peas.
7. Press the zip lock bag gently so that the air in the bag will release and then Lock the bag.
8. Place it in the freezer.
9. It can be preserved for a long time.


How To Preserve Peas For Long


* If you don’t have a zip lock bag, then take a polythene bag, fill it with the peas, release the extra air from the polythene by pressing it gently and tie it with a rubber band. Very simple desi formula 😉

Like peas, you can also preserve Beans and some other vegetables.


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