easy rose ice cream | rose petal ice cream recipe | eggless rose ice cream

easy rose ice cream

easy rose ice cream | rose petal ice cream recipe | eggless rose ice cream

easy rose ice cream | rose petal ice cream recipe | eggless rose ice cream with step wise pictorial method is given hereunder.
easy Rose Ice Cream
Rose is a symbolic of love and whenever Rose is associated with any thing else, the essence of romance is depicted from that associate also. This is the position of this recipe of easy Rose Ice Cream. Too romantic, too lovable, too elegant and too beautiful…..this easy rose ice cream is nothing less than a bouquet of fragrant Roses…very easy to make with the rose petals itself.
So let’s spread Love from the kitchen……
easy Rose Ice Cream


Whipped Cream (You can also used low fat ‘25%’ Cream) – 1 Cup
Rose petals – 1/4 Cup
Milk – 1/4 cup
Sugar – 6 tbsp
Rose water – 1 tsp
Dry fruits as per choice
For Garnishing
Fresh Rose petals
Chopped dry fruits
Additional requirements
Ice Cubes


3- 4 Servings
easy Rose Ice Cream


Begin with the basic preparations first :-

1. If you are buying the rose petals from market, make sure they shouldn’t be sprayed on. Wash them, place few in refrigerator to be used for garnishing later and let the rest turn pat dry.
2. Place a bowl and electric beaters in refrigerator for atleast 30 minutes prior to making of an ice cream.
3. Mix Rooh afza Syrup with milk and keep aside in refrigerator.
4. Roughly chop dry fruits. Keep aside.
5. When the Rose petals turn dry, grind them with sugar to a fine powder. Keep aside.

Now begin with the process of making Easy Rose ice cream :-

1. Take a big and wide bowl and add ice cubes to it, followed by some water.
2. Now place the another bowl (which was kept in refrigerator for chilling) in the center of the big bowl carrying ice water.
3. Add the cream and beat it with the electric beater to stiff peaks.
4. Once its double in volume, add in grinded sugar rose mixture and again beat it to form peaks.
Rose Ice Cream
5. Once its whipped, add in Ruhafza milk, rose water, some of the chopped dry fruits and mix well (no need to beat).
6. Transfer the mixture to an air tight container and freeze  for a couple of hours.
7. Once frozen serve after garnishing with leftover dry fruits and fresh Rose petals.
easy Rose Ice Cream


* If you don’t have Ruhafza Syrup, use few drops of Red food colour and also enhance the quantity of sugar from 6 tbsp to 8 tbsp.
** While freezing the ice cream, place the container in zip lock bag and only then place it in freezer. By adopting this method, you can avoid the formation of ice crystals in the ice cream.
This method is useful in case of store brought ice creams too. After every use, place the ice cream containers (either Homemade or store brought) in the freezer only after putting it in zip lock bag.
If you are out of such bags, use polythene bags and tie them with rubber band, like we did. Isn’t that simply and useful?😊

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