Chocolate Cups | homemade chocolate cups

chocolate cups

Chocolate Cups | homemade chocolate cups

Chocolate Cups | homemade chocolate cups with step wise pictorial recipe

chocolate cups

No one can dispute it that children love chocolates more than anything else. And what to say of children, even adults love it vigorously.
Children get chocolates on the demand of chocolates only. But just imagine their boundary of happiness when whatsoever they ask for, that is always served with chocolates. Either it be some snacks or candies or ice cream!!!

They will feel on the top of the world & you will definitely be titled as “World’s best Mom”. 🙂

So let’s be the world’s best mom by making these very easy one ingredient chocolate cups and serve the favourite snacks of your kids in these cups only…..

Chocolate cups



Chocolate* (melted) 1/2 cup
(To see how to melt chocolate, click here)


Water balloons – 6 to 7**
Parchment or foil paper


1. Take a tray and spread the foil paper on it. Keep aside.

2. Wash and dry the balloons.

3. Blow air in the balloons***, tie a knot and keep aside.

4. Take a melted chocolate and pour just 4- 5 (or as needed) bits of chocolate on the paper. Keep a space between one and the another.


5. Take the first balloon, hold it properly from the side a knot is tied and carefully and gently dip the lower part of the balloon in the bowl carrying melted (COLD)**** Chocolate.

6. Dip the balloon in the melted chocolate as deep***** as you need, depending upon your choice and requirement.

7. Coat the balloon with the chocolate properly. While doing do, you can slightly rotate or tilt the balloon also. But be very gentle. Then carefully place it on the first drop/bit of melted chocolate you have poured on the foil paper in step no. 4 herein supra.

8. Repeat the process with all the balloons.


9. Allow it to set completely. Refrigerate if desired to speed up the process.

10. Once the chocolate has turned hard, bring the tray out of the refrigerator.

11. Take a scissor and mark a VERY gentle cut on the balloon exactly under the spot where the knot ends. This way the air will be released from the balloons.******

12. Remove the balloons carefully.
Your chocolate bowls are ready.


Serve the favorite candies or snacks of your child in it. You can also serve Ice creams into them.


chocolate cups


* Either White or Dark or both White & Dark mixed, you can use any chocolate slab to make these chocolate cups. Choice is yours. Also the quantity of melted chocolate depends upon your need.

** Whatever be the number of cups you have planned to make, always keep some extra balloons in reserve with you. You can’t blindly faith on balloons when they may burst. 🙂

*** You can also spray vegetables oil on the lower portion of the balloons. It will make easy the process the removing the balloons from the chocolate.

**** Let the melted chocolate be cooled completely before you dip balloon into it. Otherwise your balloon will burst instantly.

***** How much deep you should dip the balloon in the melted chocolate is a matter of personal choice depending upon what size of cup you require???
“Bigger the balloon & deeper it go in melted chocolate, bigger & deeper will be your chocolate cup.”

******Don’t be in a haste to burst the balloons in any manner. Its a very sensitive stage. If you will instantly prick some pin into the balloon, it may burst like boom and may damage your cup. So be gentle. You need to prick the balloon in a way so that instead of sudden boom, it will release the air slowly and harmoniously.

Keep these cups in refrigerator in an air tight container and only bring out at the time of serving.






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