chai ka masala | chai powder | tea masala

chai ka masala

chai ka masala | chai powder | tea masala

Chai ka Masala | Chai Powder | Tea Masala | Indian Masala Tea Powder recipe | How to make Chai ka Masala recipe with step wise pictorial and video method is here.

chai ka masala

Chai, which we call tea in English is something, without which, the life of people in India comes to stand still. Not just of a daily routine, but chai has become a part of our culture. Either you are having your breakfast or evening time, either some guests have come to you or you are gossiping with your old mate, either it’s too cold or too hot, tea is something attached to us as an inseparable part of life.

So if chai is something which carries so much of importance in our life, why not to make it more tasty, more flavoured and more healthy ! And this is only possible with the help of chai ka masala.

Chai Ka masala is something which takes the taste and aroma of your simple cup of tea to another level.

Tea is when made by adding chai Ka masala, it has so many health benefits due to the presence of some spices and herbs in chai ka masala.

Health benefits of masale wali chai (made with chai ka masala)

1.Ginger(sonth), cinnamon and cardamom present in chai ka masala are rich in antioxidants and they contain certain compounds that prevent certain types of cancer.

2. If feeling bloated, a cup of hot and strong cup masala chai is of great help. It can enhance digestion by stimulating your gastrointestinal system.

3. sipping masala chai is a great help for women to cope up PMS pain too. It balances their hormones.

4. The spices in chai introduced through chai ka masala also stimulate pancreatic enzymes and digestion too. It also helps in boosting our metabolism.

5. It minimises the risk of type 2 diabetes by regulating the healthy blood sugar levels. those who drink masala chai on regular basis can control their sugar cravings up to greater extent.

6. When you serve a cup of hot masala chai to a person suffering from bad cold, it not only warms up his body and makes him feel refreshed but also gives his immunity a boost to work against cold.

7. Being a stimulant, a cup of chai made with chai ka masala can boost your energy levels too. So begin your day with masala chai.

chai ka masala

Video recipe of chai Ka masala

Text recipe of chai Ka masala


Ginger (dried) / Sonth – 4 tbsp or about 5 medium size pieces

Green Cardamom –  1 tsp or about 18 pieces

Black pepper – 1 tsp or about 66 pieces

Cinnamon sticks  – about 2 inches each

Cloves – 1 tsp or about 14 pieces



Take the ingredients mentioned above, put them into blender and blend to a smooth powder.

That’s it.

Your chai Ka masala is ready. Isn’t that so easy.

Use 1/8th tsp for one cup of tea. you have a choice to add extra if love strong flavour. let this chai ka masala boil with other ingredients needed to make tea like tea leaves and sugar. Enjoy your hot cup of masala chai with the snacks of your choice.

Store it in an airtight container. It will stay good for about 4 months.

chai ka masala


* You can dry roast all the ingredients for a couple of minutes before grinding.

* If roasting, then grind them only after they turn completely cool.

* Some people do like to add nutmeg, dry basil leaves, fennel seeds  and saffron along with given ingredients. we didn’t add but if you like, you can try.

chai ka masala

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