About Us

Dear readers, accept the greetings from ‘PAYAL BALI SHARMA‘, a blogger behind “Bless My Food by PAYAL, a purely vegetarian food blog” .

“Bless My Food by PAYAL” is a blog where you’ll find me making all possible efforts to cook up the stuff which carries the tastes of traditions with some tadka of glamour. Something, which will not only appeal to your eyes, but to your tummy too. The recipes on Bless My Food by PAYAL are easy, unfussy and from the very basic ingredients stored in the kitchen, but ultimately, they’re all delicious. In addition to all the experiments I make in the kitchen, this blog is the outcome of many inspirations from the other bloggers, YouTube and the work of experts into the field from all the corners across the globe.

It is germane to mention here that as no food can be imagined without basic ingredients, likewise I can’t imagine this blog without your love and support.

So please keep pouring in and always BLESS MY FOOD.

Thank you.